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the girl with the broken wing, who is flying again.

to brave the undertow, we had learned to hold hands.

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Im a insane Irish/German Canadian chick who loves Music more then life. I have brown hair, green eyes and am freakishly tall, I have accepted it though. I have awesome friends and a kick ass family and love horse back riding. I plan on going to Law School in the near future I have UBER crushes on Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jamie McMurray

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Date Created:2000-12-15
Number of Posts: 273

Val is a too tall Canadian who can kick some ass. She enjoys horseback riding going to 'conferences' in California, travelling the world with her blue grass band and other random adventures
Strengths: Easy-Going, Taco Loving, wonderfully random
Weaknesses: Tacoes, Southern Accents, Irish Accents, Southern Irish Accents (chark)
Special Skills: Horse Back Riding, master of the art of Val-Fu, Mad Dance Skillz, skilled bra fitter and burberry connoisseur
Weapons: master biter, stillettos and spin kicks
Motto: aint nothing but a g thang

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